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72/365 – Another Equine Portrait


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70/365 – Well, Hello There!

Lois was quite curious about my camera. She would sniff at it, then, when I pressed the shutter, she would jerk her head back!

By the way, if you’ve never put your hand on a horse’s muzzle, you’re missing out! It is one of the coolest feeling things ever (in my opinion)!



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56/365 – Ready

My dog, Andy, waiting for Wyatt to throw the ball precious!


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15/365 – Doggy, Doggy, Who’s Got the ….Ball??

The dogs and I took advantage of the warm, sunny weather today and played a little ball. When they see me come out the door with the Chuck-it in my hand, they go nuts! These dogs love to play fetch, whether it be a ball, frisbee, stick, plastic bottle, or rock! If you throw it, they’ll go get it and bring it back. When we have company, Boss (the red and white one) will go find a stick and drop it at their feet. Burglars beware! Sneak in our yard at night and you just might get your toes broken. Boss can carry a pretty big stick! Andy is the red merle. She’s the bossy one who always ends up with the prize, unless I make her heel. Even if Boss gets it first, she takes it away from him. Chloe is the little short, fat one. She isn’t really interested in the prize, she just likes to chase the other dogs. She needs the exercise.

20120111-224401.jpgThrow the ball! Throw the ball!

20120111-224543.jpgOMG! She threw the ball!

20120111-224701.jpgGet the ball!

20120111-224718.jpgGet the ball!

20120111-224912.jpgGot the ball!

20120111-224957.jpgGot the ball!

20120111-225009.jpgGot the ball!

20120111-225139.jpgThrow the ball again! Throw the ball again!

This plays out over and over again, until I give out. They never tire of it!

Till tomorrow,


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11/365 – Peek-a-boo!

I went to work with Phil today, and had zero time for taking pictures, so today’s shot is one that I took the first day I got my camera, back on December 1st, 2011. I hope my readers will forgive me for failing to get a shot today. I’ll try to make it up tomorrow.

This is one of the neighbor’s cats. They like to come visit us (I think because they know I’ll pet them).

Till tomorrow,


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3/365 – Down on the Farm

We went to El Dorado today to visit our “horsey friends” as I like to call them. There are always lots of photographic opportunities there. I got a few good shots. I can see with this project, my problem is going to be deciding on a single photo for every day! Well, here goes, enjoy!

It seems everything was in a posing mood today, even the guineas!

The horses, too…

Idaho, the farm dog…

My handsome hubby!

Wyatt trying to emulate his daddy’s mustache!

The rooster was proud to pause for a picture!

Even the squirrels were curious!


Till tomorrow,

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