9/365 – Experimenting with Shutter Speed & Night Photography

05 Jan

So, tonight’s post should give any real photographer a good laugh. I went to get some things out of my car and noticed how bright the moon seemed. I hadn’t taken any pictures today, so I thought I would play around with long exposures & try to get some shots. I did not use a tripod, as I can’t quite put my finger on the location of mine right now. Real photographers are snickering as we speak. Needless to say, the moon pics didn’t turn out very well, very blurry. Then I remembered seeing these photos where the subjects used sparklers or flashlights and spelled a word or made a heart. You all remember doing this with sparklers as a kid, right? They are taken with a long exposure to take in enough light, and the camera catches the movement of the light while the shutter is open. I didn’t have any sparklers or human subjects, so I just moved my camera instead. This is what I got.

Not the moon, obviously, but some lights on the next ridge over. I thought it looked pretty cool, almost like lightening!

Till tomorrow,

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