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4/365 – Children at Play

My post is short & sweet today. No critters, no cliffs, no waterfalls available for shooting, so I walked around, desperately seeking an interesting subject! This is what I came up with! 🙂


Happy New Year! See you in 2012!

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3/365 – Down on the Farm

We went to El Dorado today to visit our “horsey friends” as I like to call them. There are always lots of photographic opportunities there. I got a few good shots. I can see with this project, my problem is going to be deciding on a single photo for every day! Well, here goes, enjoy!

It seems everything was in a posing mood today, even the guineas!

The horses, too…

Idaho, the farm dog…

My handsome hubby!

Wyatt trying to emulate his daddy’s mustache!

The rooster was proud to pause for a picture!

Even the squirrels were curious!


Till tomorrow,

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2/365 – In Our Backyard

We bought our place just about a year ago, and since last spring, Phil & Wyatt have been telling me I needed to walk down to the creek, (Cadron Creek) and see the waterfall. I went today for the first time. From our property, it’s about a 300 yard trek, according to Phil, who is the resident orienteering expert! The first 100 yards or so are easy going, nice and flat, then it gets interesting! Wyatt took me down there today, but he said he wouldn’t do it again, because I whine too much! I was expecting a little water trickling out from rocks a few feet high and running into the creek. When I got there, it was certainly bigger than I expected! Once again, I don’t claim that these are great photos. They don’t come close to doing the area justice, but they were the best I could do while climbing wet rocks, sliding down steep embankments covered with wet, slippery leaves, and the such!

Here’s a shot of the waterfall & cliffs from up top.

And another…

One of my “scientist pictures”, as Wyatt calls them…

And another.

I made it down to the creek alive! These are some hoop nets that were caught on a tree in the edge of the creek. Wyatt thought they were ancient relics of days gone by, but they were bound together with bungee straps!

The creek…maybe we’ll float it this summer.

Back up to the waterfall & cave

I think Boss was waiting on me. Wyatt and the other dogs had already scrambled all the way up.

I wanted to include this one to show the magnitude of the waterfall. Note Wyatt about halfway up, to the far left.

My child is a dare devil…and I’m probably a bad mother for letting him do that!

The two pups had no trouble getting around, neither did Wyatt!



But the old dogs decided to play it safe!

Till tomorrow,

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1/365 – Driving Lessons

Here it is…my first 365 entry. Now, keep in mind that I am not a professional photographer in any scope of the imagination! I’m just a person who likes to take pictures! I don’t expect this photo to win me any awards, I just really, really like it because of what it means to me. I decided to go out with my camera & take advantage of this “golden hour” with all of its magical low angle sunlight that I had been reading about in the photography blogs. When I got outside, I was fortunate enough to catch my husband teaching my son, Wyatt, how to drive the tractor. Wyatt hates to have his picture taken, so I was forced to sneak up from behind and grab a few shots before he saw me! I didn’t want him to be preoccupied with trying to hide from me and run the tractor through a fence! 🙂


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Hello world!

Greetings! My name is Stephany Brown. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, teacher, and aspiring photographer. I am embarking on a 365 photography project in the hopes that my photography skills will improve. I am looking forward to sharing my pictures with you all, and welcome your comments, questions, critiques, etc.! Thanks for reading!


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